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The Universal Calibration Lattice

Peggy Phoenix Dubro writes in "Elegant Empowerment":


"Many of you are already aware that we are more than just our physical bodies. We are also composed of several ethereal bodies. The Universal Calibration Lattice permeates all our bodies in all dimensions. This seemingly infinite system of light and energy fibres is the sum total of the entire electromagnetic energy field that holds our various energy bodies, our crystalline memory structures and our DNA encoding. Ultimately these together form a singular body."


Uiversal Calibration Lattice diagramThe Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) is a part of everyone's energy anatomy and its basic pattern is universal, therefore it is fundamentally the same in each person.

Our physical anatomy has many systems within it – for example, the muscular, skeletal, endocrine and neurological systems. Our energy anatomy similarly contains various systems within it – for example, the chakras, the mental, etheric and emotional systems. The Universal Calibration Lattice is also a system within our energy anatomy.

Although these systems are separate, they are all connected and work together within the body, so working on one system tends to have a knock-on effect on all the others.

The UCL has evolved within our energy anatomy as a result of the many years of work done by light workers all over the world.

The UCL is our connection to Universal Energy. It functions like a transformer, stepping down universal energy into a comfortable voltage for us to hold, transferring energy from one circuit to another within our fields, which is why we often refer to the technique as "rewiring for the new energy".

In this way we can begin to receive and use more of the creative energy of the universe to co-create what we desire in our lives more effectively.

The Structure of the UCL

Long Informational Fibres
The long vertical fibres surrounding our energy anatomy are called Long Informational Fibres. The fibres behind us hold energy information relating to our history, those in front hold our unique potentials, and those on either side reflect our balancing of giving and receiving. It is the energy held within these fibres that UCL Animationtransmits out into the universe and magnetically attracts experiences back to us that shape our reality. (Show me on the image)

Figure Eight Loops
Fibres of light and energy begin within and radiate horizontally out from the chakras in the front, back, sides, top and bottom of our being. These fibres form figure eight loops which feed into the long vertical fibres that surround and permeate our energy anatomy. The figure eight loops are the roadways along which energy and information moves within the UCL. They feed information from the universe into the biology, and the biology sends information back out to the universe through these loops. (Show me on the image)

Core Energy
There is a column of pure light that runs straight down through the centre of the body. This is our own personal connection to the Cosmic Lattice or Universal Energy. The Core holds our spiritual intelligence, the keys to self-mastery (wisdom, discernment, unconditional love, balance, compassion, joy and so on!) and the experience of the now. (Show me on the image)

Pliable and Interconnected
The Lattice is pliable and interconnected so that when fibres are stretched in one part of the UCL, other fibres in a different part may respond. So when working with the Lattice, a response could come from anywhere in the field.

Calibration of the UCL
The basic pattern of the UCL is the same for all of us. However, the calibration or strengthening of the Lattice is unique to the individual and is determined by the relationship between the person's vibrational frequency and the Cosmic Lattice or Universal Energy. During an EMF Balancing Technique® session the practitioner performs movements through the electromagnetic field and the individual's innate wisdom directs the energy through the Lattice in their own unique way according to their needs.

The UCL strengthens the being like an invisible armour and brings about greater emotional resilience.

For more detailed information regarding the structure of the Universal Calibration Lattice, please read the Kryon EMF Chapter on the EMF Worldwide web site. The article originally appeared in an edited version as a chapter in "Letters From Home" Kryon Book VII by Lee Carroll.

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