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Training Programmes

Phases V-VIII

Phases V - VIII Practitioner Training
"Masters in Practice" for Practitioners who wish to deepen their connection to the EMF Balancing Technique®.

Prerequisite: Completion of Personal Growth Training or Certified Practitioner Training for Phases I - IV.

Upon completing Phases V - VIII Practitioner Training:
  Accredited Practitioners of Phases I - IV complete a brief Internship before receiving accreditation to offer Phases V - VII professionally.
  Those who are not Accredited Practitioners of Phases I - IV
take Phases V - VIII Practitioner Training for personal growth purposes only.

The first four Phases of the EMF Balancing Technique® create an energetic foundation to support your ablity to "co-create the most enlightened life you can". The focus of Phases V - VIII is the Practice of Mastery in everyday life. These Phases strengthen the energetic patterns of mastery and lead to a fuller expression of the attributes of mastery you already carry within you.

Phase V - Template of Infinite Love
Three days, 9:30am - 5:30pm.

Phase VI - Template of Infinite Compassion
One day, 9:30am - 5:30pm.

Phase VII - Template of Infinite Presence
One day, 9:30am - 5:30pm.

Phase VIII - Template of Infinite Wisdom
One day, 9:30am - 5:30pm.

The training can be taken over six consequetive days or two blocks of three days.

The Programme (6 days)
The first two days of the training are spent in preparation for doing the sessions. Each morning of the following four days is spent on theory and review of the session work for that day. The rest of the day is spent doing sessions.

In the Phases V - VIII training we build on the knowledge, experience, and skills developed in working with Phases I - IV. Throughout the training several wonderful DVDs are shown in which Peggy Phoenix Dubro introduces and illustrates key concepts and understandings. This is a superb teaching aid. There are also three powerful alignments interspersed through the six days. I love teaching these powerful beautiful Phases and I invite you to continue your EMF journey and grow in your mastery!

A Word From Peggy

"It is my belief that as you experience these sessions and practice the attributes of the Mastery, the original resonance of who you are will increase, and so will your ability to co-create the most enlightened life you can, filled with the noblest powers of Mastery!"

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

What Students Report


“I found the activations in Day 1 and Day 2 very powerful, and the DVD presentations by Peggy really were incredibly special for me. The weave of love and integrity came through, and I couldn’t help but feel the beautiful resonance and how entrained Pauline Baker presented the training. Thank you!”

Annette Knott

“The course put us all in a unique place where we were all the same. The sharing was awesome.”

Louise Fry

“I can highly recommend the Phase V - VIII training to anyone that has allowed EMF to enter their life. This course will transport you into the very essence of yourself and will connect you with the original resonance of the universe. Be prepared to unlock the unlimited potential within you and consciously awaken to become a Master in Practice.”

Monica Muranyi