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Professional Path Programme
Accredited Practitioner Internship
For those seeking a higher level of professionalism in energy work, the EMF Balancing Technique® Accredited Practitioner Internship has been created.

The training begins with the six day Personal Growth Programme listed above. Upon completion you may then apply to enter into an internship programme.

During the internship, sessions are performed under the guidance of the Supervisory Teacher, proficiency in the movements is demonstrated, and the intern is personally coached in a series of consultations with the teacher by phone or in person. Many of the requirements can be fulfilled in your own home area. Upon satisfactory completion of the internship the Accredited Practitioner is licensed to perform the sessions professionally, to use the trademarks in accordance with EEI policies, and can be listed on the EMF Worldwide web site with their credentials.

Payment to Teacher
Payment to EEI
$170 (upon completion of Internship)

For full details of the Internship, please read or download the Accredited Practitioner Internship Reference Guide.