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The Lattice

The Lattice Experience Workshop
The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) is a system within the energy anatomy. This workshop is an experiential introduction into how the UCL impacts our consciousness and our ability to co-create our most enlightened life.

Enjoy two days of activity and energetic alignments! UCL Workbooks
  Informative overview of the Universal Calibration Lattice – what it looks like and how it works
  View superb animations and video with Peggy Phoenix Dubro to support understanding
  Understand the calibration process and the new energy dynamics
  Learn to apply this information in a practical way to enahance your individual growth and accelerate your evolution
  Learn an exercise of clear co-creation
  Learn to give and receive an empowering, loving, and nurturing EMF Balancing Technique® Intro Session
  Practice transmitting energy across the room or around the world
  Discover the Sacred Templates or Octahedrons within your UCL
  Receive a beautiful folder with superb notes

This fun and empowering workshop is suitable for anyone from the beginner on the path to the sage well travelled on the path, or anyone contemplating going on to become an EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner.




What Students Report


“Dear Pauline,

Thank you very kindly for hosting an inspirational and instructive energy balancing session that I will remember for a long time. I have learnt a great deal over these two days and believe I have acquired knowledge I can use meaningfully for my future. I must tell you what a great communicator I think you are and have enjoyed every step of this course.”


“A sharing of infinite wisdom and awareness. A piano becoming beautifully tuned. The ultimate box of chocolates. :)

Course Participant

“It has been like having all my questions answered. Being in a place of TRUTH. The clearest messages are that I must be AWARE of my thoughts, words and actions at all times, and that I am responsible for my own life - I have to decide what I want and take action. I have known and agreed with many TRUTH statements before, but now I UNDERSTAND. The message is very clear, the experiences quite profound. A life changing workshop.”


“Feeling of happiness. I'm smiling from the inside out and cannot stop smiling. I have found like I have connected with ME!! Finally, a sense of relief. No more sadness. Everything I've been researching has all come together with the Lattice Experience. I have found the inner strength (core) that I've been searching for. I have a new passion - to put my abilities to new use. I Always knew I was a 'healer', but not sure how or in what sense to others. I have new tools to help balance my core. Thank you so much!!”