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Supervisory Teacher Training

I delight in teaching the EMF Balancing Technique® and in encouraging practitioners to step into the role of teacher and discover the joy in teaching this beautiful work.

I feel honoured to hold the role of Teacher of Teachers. When I started my journey as a Primary School Teacher and later an Interior Design Tutor, little did I realise I was preparing for my current role.

I come to each class well prepared and teach with enthusiasm and passion. I love to share from the rich experience I have had in teaching this programme, both in New Zealand and internationally. The materials for the course are of a high quality and the graduate emerges from the training well equipped to start teaching others. I offer on-going support following the training as the new teacher steps into their role.

Phases I - IV Supervisory Teacher Training

The course is a six day certification course that licenses the graduate to teach the EMF Personal Growth Programme, and to supervise the Professional Path Programme (Accredited Practitioner Internship).

The Course
The course provides you with practical tools and materials to facilitate your teaching experience. There is detailed discussion of each of the four Phases and their energetic relationship to the human energy anatomy and the chakra system. Each student has a “hands on” teaching experience during the course.

Course Content
The material reviewed includes the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) and its relationship to electromagnetic field theory, providing a deeper understanding of the constructs and scientific support underlying the EMF Balancing Technique®. The course is a combined format providing both lecture and practice, and includes sections on:

  Teaching Content
  Teaching Skills and Strategies
  Group Work
  Presentation Skills
  Business Skills
  Communication Skills

The Materials
The materials for this training are superb and each teacher is well supported as they step into teaching. Materials include highly detailed and illustrative student workbooks, DVD, and relevant handouts.

Teaching Method
Each class is designed as a multi-sensory learning environment, including:

  Group Exercise
  Group Discussion
  DVD Demonstration
  Practice of Instructional Method

Course Location
I hold classes in my home in Auckland and also travel internationally to teach.

Investment: $6,200

Note: There is an application process to complete first, so please contact me by phone or email if you are interested in becoming an EMF Supervisory Teacher.

the joy of teaching EMF!

Teaching in Abu Dhabi

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Teaching the EMF courseNilofer Safdar & Pauline BakerWall inside the Grand Mosque


What Students Report


“Pauline has a passion for the EMF Balancing Technique® that shines through into her teaching. She is very professional in her approach to teaching and is always incredibly well organised and prepared, and able to be totally flexible with whatever the day brings. During teaching, Pauline’s words carry the resonance of the EMF Balancing Technique® and it has been a privilege to have been taught by a Master such as Pauline.”

Lisa Sinclair
New Zealand

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to the United Arab Emirates and training me to be a teacher. It has been a dream for so long to be an EMF Teacher and your willingness to travel here and teach me allowed me to realise it sooner than later. Of course as usual the EMF work carried with it an integrity which is ever present. But what really impressed me was your preparedness and attention to detail. The manuals are pretty comprehensive, but the additional pointers that you have given are very valuable.

When I started the training, I had some doubts about whether I could do a good job as a teacher. But through the training, I gained in confidence and knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would be able to do a good job as a teacher. So much so that when I had a request to teach someone just two weeks after completing my training, I took it up. I am now in the middle of that training and I think I am doing a pretty good job. The participants are very impressed with the work and I have already had enquiries about my next training.

And of course thank you for your on-going support. I know that I can get clarifications and guidance at the touch of an email.

Thank you for everything.”

Nilofer Safdar
Abu Dhabi