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Practice Mastery card - Humour A simple dictionary definition:
The ability to perceive, express, or appreciate what is amusing, incongruous, comical or absurd. More importantly dear traveller on the path, what does humour mean to you?

There is a saying, "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly!" This saying sits on my fridge and yet it is only lately I 've come to truly appreciate the words!

Recently a situation presented in my life. Of course a magnificent set-up, not that I wanted to admit it at the time. It was a co-creation of quite considerable proportions! I guess it had to be for me to get it!

I felt a victim to what was happening around me. It felt as though my personal boundaries were being trampled upon. My health began to suffer. Then one day in a still, quiet moment of reflection, I asked what I had to learn. I got it! The resonance or energy of what I was experiencing outside of me, was a reflection of a resonance or energy within me, that had come to the light to be noticed.

Wow, how wonderful! The realization was extraordinary! I felt it on all levels of my being. I felt as though I had been set free! In that moment I took charge! I calibrated the energy charges or feelings and thoughts surrounding the experience, using the EMF Balancing Technique® sessions. My health began to improve. Most noticeable was the way I felt inside. I felt like I was smiling from the inside out and the absurdity of the situation I saw now through the eyes of humour!

It was positively delicious! The situation started to subside as my energy calibrated into a more balanced state! I had taken charge of my energy! So now I have a question for you!

Just how much laughter, joy and happiness are you willing to experience? We have pushed back the boundaries of pain and suffering, and just when you think we can't possibly take anymore, we're at it again. I believe the time frame we live in offers abundant opportunities and challenges for growth. While I resisted what was presenting, I experienced pain. When I ceased to resist, so did the pain and confusion. Then humour stepped into my life again. Now I often find myself smiling about the absurdity of my plight!

Look at the illustration of humour. Doesn 't it make you smile? The energy of this attribute enables you to turn things around! Helen Keller says, "If you learn to laugh at yourself you will never ever run out of material." Peggy Phoenix Dubro says, "We are wondrous works in progress our whole life!"

Let's agree to be more like the angels and smile more.

Smile at each other when we meet in the street.

Smile at the beauty of a flower.

Smile at yourself in the mirror!

So dear traveller on the path, may you give intent to laugh more, and to smile more!


This article was published in the WisdomSeekers email newsletter (March, 2010). Published format

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