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Practice Mastery card - InsightA simple dictionary definition for insight is "the capacity to gain accurate and deep intuitive understanding, mental vision, inner sight."

As you look at the illustration allow your eye to travel through the majestic deep purple, deep claret red, and illuminating gold to the star within. Imagine this to be the star of clarity or knowingness, a place of stillness, wisdom, and understanding.

In these changing times it is increasingly important that we find direction from within and allow inner sight to flood our consciousness with understanding in even the smallest of matters. As we choose to step into the consciousness of the new human and walk in partnership with the new earth, we are acknowledging our willingness to take greater responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, emotions and our actions.

You can strengthen your inner sight with practice, dear traveller on the path! Are you ready to take that step? It will take commitment on your part. Set aside time each day and use the illustration to journey from the outer world to the stillness of inner sight. Be guided by the beautiful light illuminating the star. Hold your focus on the star, allowing your gaze to remain there. Contemplate a challenge in your life. What are you feeling in your heart? Allow the wisdom of your heart to speak to you.

For too long we have looked outside of ourselves for the answers. Now more than ever it is time to attain spiritual insight or vision, to see the right path, to be guided by our inner sight, our inner knowing. Start developing and strengthening this precious faculty in small ways and grow strong this aspect of your being. Begin this new decade by resolving to practice honing your inner sight. If you choose to flood the light of inner sight on old wounds and old hurts, hearts may heal. The change always happens within you and then ripples outwardly.

Remember you are never alone, you are always loved and there is so much more to you than meets the eye! You carry so much wisdom within you, now it’s time to access this precious wisdom.

May the light of inner sight be your guide in 2010!


This article was published in the WisdomSeekers email newsletter (February, 2010). Published format

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