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Practice Mastery card - UnderstandingThe dictionary definition of understanding is "empathetically aware or tolerant. An informal or unspoken agreement or arrangement."

More importantly what does understanding mean to you, dear traveller on the path.

Contemplate the illustration. Observe the light touching each profile creating a beautiful chalice to hold the energy and light of understanding. What might each individual place within the chalice of understanding? Perhaps the qualities of tolerance, respect, neutrality, compassion, love. Consider a relationship in your life that would blossom with the light of understanding. What attributes would you place within your chalice of understanding? Pause a moment and allow your heart to respond and guide you.

And now as you look at the illustration, notice the star connecting each person through the portal of the third eye. Could this be a space where minds and hearts commune, a space that goes beyond judgment, attack or defense. A space that holds the precious energy of understanding. Imagine the light of understanding creating a bridge. A bridge leading to compassion and ultimately to the energy of love.

Could this be a recipe for peace on our planet. What might it look and feel like if each of us made the effort to move beyond criticism and judgment choosing instead to respect each member of our family of humanity. Let's first start with the circle closest to us. Contemplate what could happen as this inner circle started to ripple outwards with the light of understanding. What is possible as we embrace the energy of understanding with all our hearts? The time is now, dear traveller on the path. Let's agree to practice understanding in even the smallest of matters. And you know what happens when you practice something. You become good at it!

Imagine the energetic chalices of understanding that would grace our world, and strengthen the collective resonance of understanding. We each have a piece of the puzzle and together we can create a beautiful symphony of understanding. Are you willing to take the first step? I think you are!

And so I leave you with these familiar words:

"When two or more of heart are gathered
it is the power of a thousand"


This article was published in the WisdomSeekers email newsletter (December, 2009). Published format

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