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EMF Balancing Technique®

Phases V to VIII

Phases V to VIII - An Overview
The first four Phases of the EMF Balancing Technique®created an energetic foundation to support your ability to co-create the most enlightened life you can. The focus of Phase V - VIII is the Practice of Mastery in everyday life.

These Phases strengthen the energetic patterns of mastery you already carry within you.

Each time a session is offered, it is as unique as a fingerprint ...

Each Phase V - VIII session begins with the client sitting in a chair. The EMF practitioner asks the client to close their eyes, relax and take a deep breath, and then gently issues an invitation to begin the session. After an opening statement, the practitioner poses three simple questions for a few moments of silent contemplation and reflection. Next the client views a series of beautifully illustrated Practice Mastery cards, depicting 11 of the 44 attributes of mastery contained in the Practice Mastery card deck, plus an additional card that represents any attribute of mastery.

Some of the Practice Mastery cards

The client then chooses the attributes of mastery they would like to practice and strengthen for example patience, joyfulness, mindfulness, integrity…. within themselves at the current time in their life. After the selection of the attributes, the client lays on the table to receive the rest of the session.

The movements performed by the practitioner in this part of the session are determined by the attributes chosen by the client, and the order in which they are placed, making each session completely unique.

At the completion of the session, the client receives a journal page and a record of the session to take with them. The journal also contains questions for the client to think about as they begin to strengthen their practice of mastery in everyday life.

Practice anything that means mastery to you. Practice your compassion, practice finding more joy in life, practice honesty, and practice patience with yourself, your family and friends.

As you know, the more you practice anything, the better you become at it.


A Word From Peggy

"It is my belief that as you experience these sessions and practice the attributes of the Mastery, the original resonance of who you are will increase, and so will your ability to co-create the most enlightened life you can, filled with the noblest powers of Mastery!"

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

  Full Session $100

Please note, there are no combination sessions for Phases V - VIII.

The EMF Balancing Technique® is a system of self-empowerment and self-enablement. I invite you to experience!

What Clients Report


"I love the co-creative process of EMF Balancing and find the exercises for mastery that were given to take away with me empowering and an integrative process for personal growth. Highly recommended. I have experienced session one to six so far and am filled with joy at the thought of the next session."

Diane Wilkins

"I felt like I was in a rainbow for an hour. I feel as though I have a cape that is electric white all sparkly and showery. I feel cocooned with rippley soft folds of light surrounding me."

Glynn Jones

"Dear Pauline,

It has been lovely to meet you and spend time with you each week over the past few months. I love what you do and how you do it.

The EMF Balancing Technique® is undoubtedly a huge gift for mankind and for me personally. I am in the right place at the right time.

After years and years of doing healing and personal growth work this is the icing on the cake (I love cake) for me. I had reached a place in the past six months where analyzing, writing about and trying to work out why certain situations happened just didn't shift anymore, if they did it was very short term.

I became very aware that I was drowning in family dramas and scenarios and gave intent that there must be some way not to react and feel hurt. I could no longer pull myself up and stay up only for brief periods. I tried many ways of staying positive believing I was now over certain things said and done until unexpectedly the next time the trigger is off and there I was caught up in it again.

In a nutshell the EMF Balancing Technique® has given me freedom. It has enabled me to disconnect from old patterns and beliefs. It really does get to the core. Situations will always will always happen but the charge has gone! I recover very quickly and feel balanced and strengthened. It feels fantastic to at last be able to be and speak my truth. After a long time of little self worth I understand fully that what we have, we have manifested. I have said goodbye to victim. I am now in a place of empowerment.

Thanks Pauline.