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Phases IX to XII

Phases IX to XII – Freedom! In the Energy of Love
Let's look at the evolutionary path that led to the formation of these new Phases.

In Phases I - IV you learned about the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL). In Phase I your energy calibrated to balance your wisdom and your emotions, head and heart. In Phase II your energy calibrated to integrate the wisdom of your history. In Phase III you focused upon your Core Energy and being present in now time. In Phase IV you gave conscious intent as you calibrated your potential.

In Phases V - VIII you made conscious choices to practice the attributes of Mastery in your daily life. Those choices created new energy patterns that continue to support you in your evolution.

Now in Phases IX - XII you will gain a deeper understanding of your Core Energy as the ultimate expression of your self, your "Infinite I".

There is another lattice, a Third Lattice, that links your consciousness to all other aspects of your life. The dynamics of this lattice and the Universal Calibration Lattice are the same. The Third Lattice is generated from the consciousness of your mind and your heart, and it serves as a container for the energetic charges of all the interactions within your universe.

You generate a Third Lattice with people, places, things and concepts. You have a relationship with every aspect of your life. Lattices upon lattices - does it sound complicated? You could think of them as a unified and universal filing system. As you focus on one lattice to calibrate, you calibrate them all. In Phase IX you chose a particular relationship and the dynamics you wish to change within that relationship. If you choose to change the dynamics you know in your heart of hearts you can only change, the energy charges you express through your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour.

Image of many Lattices

You could liken this process to tidying your closet. Everything is taken out of the closet in order to have a good look at what is in there. You discover there are things you no longer need, things to let go of, things to be sorted and reorganised. In much the same way, we are organising energy charges - what to keep and what to let go of, what to calibrate into your reality. We are agreeing to take greater responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. With joy, you have the opportunity to develop your evolutionary self-management skills!


Phase IX: The Universal Human
In Phase IX there is the alignment of the template of Universal Humanity. In this Phase you are choosing a Third Lattice to focus on. What are you ready to achieve now?



Phase X: The Universal Parent(s)
Becoming your own parent! Choose the dynamics of parenting you wish to process through your Universal Parent Lattice. Here you may add new facets or fill in the missing facets of your inner child.



Phase XI: The Universal Partner
Remember the guidance to love one another as you love yourself. The energy of pure union, generated within your core and calibrated through your lattice, produces the consciousness of newly found self love.



Phase XII: The Emerging Evolutionary
The New Human living within the energetic transformation of the New Earth. With this profound new expression of self, you will know you have transformed. You will be equipped with the new tools to manage your evolution.


  Full Session $100

Please note, there are no combination sessions for Phases IX - XII.