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EMF Balancing Technique®

Phases I to IV

Phases I to IV
An EMF session is approximately an hour long and is performed while you are lying comfortably on a massage table. Each session of the technique follows a prescribed sequence of steps consisting of preparing, opening, clearing, balancing and closing.

The work is thorough, addressing all the major and minor energy centres of the body. Experiencing a session calibrates the entire UCL, which stretches, releases, and reorganizes itself into the next highest pattern of balance. The calibration of each phase builds on the work of the one before.


Phase I: To Balance Wisdom & Emotions
The intent of Phase I is to balance the head and the heart. A person who thinks too much without the ability to feel is out of balance. And conversely, someone who reacts mainly through emotion, without reasoning or wisdom, is also out of balance.

Phase I helps to create balance between the intelligence of the mind and the intelligence of the heart. Through this balance we are able to express greater levels of spiritual intelligence enabling us to make life decisions and choices from the perspective of this more integrated self.



Phase II: To Focus On Self-direction & Self-support
Phase II builds on Phase I by allowing us to reclaim excess energy we have invested in our past. The back section of the UCL energetically holds our personal history, such as hereditary patterns and genetic tendencies, past life information, and all the events of this life time.

As we work within the back of the field, we may gracefully and gently release emotional issues stored within our history without having to relive the painful events that gave rise to them. This session encourages you to see your history as being supportive in your growth.

The resulting new perspective promotes awareness of direction and support from within the Self making more energy available to you now!



Phase III: To Radiate Core Energy
In Phase III, the highly refined frequency of platinum energy is introduced. This session intensifies our core energy, the vertical column of light and energy running through the centre of our being. This session strengthens our ability to radiate the light we hold and encourages the unification of the chakra system. It is in the core of our being we express our spiritual intelligence and experience peace, balance and strength.

In Phase III, we clear the smaller energy centres throughout the body. These lesser known centres have a profound effect on the major chakras and are a vital component of one’s overall energy flow. Phase III can be characterized by the idea that it’s not the mountain that will wear you out, but the grain of sand in your shoe.



Phase IV: Energetic Accomplishment
& Future Potential

In Phase IV, we focus our intent on energetic accomplishment. We have a potential, to which we often refer as our future. In this Phase, we release fears and anxieties and tune specific energy receptors and transmitters within the UCL for the purpose of co-creating our lives. We calibrate this part of the Lattice so that we may joyfully co-create our potential together with Creator. Phase IV shifts our energy to a present moment awareness which is balanced by the wisdom of the past and the potential of the future.


The energy pattern of each phase is followed in the same way, however the calibration is always in accord with each person’s innate wisdom. Everyone is unique, so the results are always interesting and individual.

Once you have experienced the first four sessions you may choose to to repeat any of the four sessions individually, or in combinations, or continue on to experience Phases V - VIII.

Combination Sessions
There are also three combination sessions available if you need to move faster through the phases. They are also ideal as follow up sessions. However for the first time it is important to receive the phases in sequence. It is necessary to allow two hours for a combination session. The combination sessions are:

  Phases I & II
  Phases III & IV
  Phases I & IV


My practice is conveniently located in Northcote on Auckland's North Shore. For those who are unable to travel I have incorporated travelling to your home in the service I offer. Please call or e-mail me to discuss this option.

  Mini Session $25  
  Full Session $100  
  Combination Session $170

The EMF Balancing Technique® is a system of self-empowerment and self-enablement. I invite you to experience!

What Clients Report


"EMF has the most amazing healing ability. It's like all the healing powers combined. During a session I was so calm and relaxed. I felt a warm glow of heat over my whole body.

I could see white light when my eyes were shut. It was beaming into my eyes. This helped to heal them. I've had eye problems all my life. I think EMF is the most powerful healing in the universe.

I now feel so in-tune with my life."

Jade (10 years old)
Indigo child

"I always find myself paused on the edge of a cliff of major change when I come to your sessions, and with your work, I fling myself over and find that I am supported, enhanced and rather than plunged violently into a vortex my new path unfolds gently, but often surprisingly quickly."

Moya Bawden