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EMF Balancing Technique®
Practitioner Training Information

MiniSession Photo Training is in my home and classes are scheduled throughout the year, however I am happy to work with you to establish mutually suitable times outside of the training schedule if needed. I enjoy travelling and I am happy to travel to your town to teach. Please e-mail or phone if you would like to discuss these options.

You may like to be emailed the beautifully illustrated, free EMF Introduction booklet (PDF, 1.6MB). This booklet contains articles and information on sessions and trainings. It gives a snapshot of this beautiful work. Please e-mail or phone if you would like to be sent a copy.

All four phases of the EMF Balancing Technique® can be learnt in six consecutive days, blocks of three days, or each phase can be learnt separately.

Some people like to attend the Universal Calibration Lattice Workshop as a way of introduction to the technique. It is the first day of the six day training or can be a stand alone workshop. It contains valuable information regarding the energy field and how it functions affecting your daily life.

Each day of the training follows a pattern. The theory of the days phase is covered in the morning followed by the practical hands on work in the afternoon. You observe a session, give a session and receive a session. So as you train you receive the benefits of this beautiful work. I love witnessing the remarkable changes that occur over the six day period and feel privileged to work with people in this way.

WorkbooksOn the right is a picture of the workbooks you receive which offer a superb reference for later. All workbooks are illustrated so you have pictures and words!

Quick Guides are also included for each Phase, so at the end of the training you will feel supported and ready to go to work and of course I am only a phone call or e-mail away to answer queries. I am happy to set up support following the training.

I enjoy teaching in a joyful, fun, empowering, and loving way. EMF is not difficult to learn! It is a simple systematic modality that anyone can learn and use immediately!

What Students Report


"Having been engaged in the practice of metaphysical healing and energy balancing for many years, I am very pleased and excited to have discovered EMF Balancing Technique®. It amplifies, expands and dovetails perfectly with my current abilities, knowledge and understanding, thus enabling me to embrace a higher level of potential. This is definitely the healing of the future! Pauline is a very skilled and gifted teacher and I am thankful to have been guided to her to take this next synchronistic step of my healing journey."

Michael Bird, Holistic Practitioner


"Pauline is a fabulous teacher. She is very positive, supportive and wonderfully patient. She taught the EMF Balancing Technique® in a beautiful, calm and serene manner, yet was incredibly professional at all times."

Lisa Sinclair